Press Coverage

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2011.6.8“小”盒子“大”乾坤 甘柏馨456画廊陶艺展
2010.12.17[SinoVision/美国中文电视] 上海女孩纽约曼哈顿摄影个展《低城》
2010.12.17[Peaceever/久安电视] 攝影藝術家楊文潔“低城”(Low City)攝影展紐約開幕
2010.8.11From Chinatown with Love
2010.2.11Year of the Tiger: A Chinese New Year Celebration!
2010.2.10A Chinese New Year Celebration at David Rubenstein Atrium
2010.1.18Peking Opera: Escape Out of the Pass, Reviling Cao Cao While Beating a Drum
2010.1.14HETEROSCAPES - Bo Wang
2009.11.28CAAC's Lion Dance Team Interviewed by WABC at Winter's Eve
2009.11.27CAAC Presents Lion Dance and Chinese Opera at Winter's Eve at Lincoln Square