Panel Discussion: Are You Chinese Enough?
John ChowMary TingRon ChoiTing Yih

January 22, 2009
Gallery 456

Exhibition Statement
Few times in the history of United States have we simultaneously hold with such high hopes yet much deep tribulations as we have with the inauguration of Obama. It is evident that the future is uncertain, yet it is without doubt that changes will come to an issue that is perhaps less pressing but no less immediate for minority people. What does it mean to be identity as Chinese-American or as a member of any ethnic or racial group? We know what we were called when we were growing up in America, but what will our children be named? And as artist engaged in cultural production, how does being identify as an artist of a particular race (gender, religion, sexuality, etc.) effect our perception of self and of our work? In conjunction with his exhibition “Selections from One Hundred Paintings: Not Here Not There, after Samuel Beckett,” Ting Yih wish to take this unique opportunity to lead a panel discussion on these and many other questions pertaining to identity in the upcoming Obama world of non-identity.

Ron Choi, artist; MFA, Hunter College.
John Chow, architect, Gensler Architects
Humberto Ramirez, artist, curator, professor at Vermont College of Arts.
Mary Ting, visual artist, studio art professor at John Jay College, graduate faculty at Transart Institute MFA in New Media, New York/Berlin

Program Notes
Thursday, January 22, 2009, 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
at Gallery 456