Ping Zheng

June 8 - July 6, 2018
Gallery 456

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Exhibition Statement
The exhibition will feature new large and small-scale painting on paper, inspired by a painting of butterflies and fish she saw at a New Museum show, “Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon.”

Ping Zheng has been living and working in Brooklyn since she came back from her artist residence trips. Her American travel evoked childhood memories of natural landscapes and gave her a renewed sense of self-discovery. Ping was born in China and grew up in a traditional patriarchal family under the restriction of the government’s one-child policy. She avoided family pressures by spending time in the outdoors, living in many different geographic regions and experiencing starkly contrasting natural environments. Nature has always been her refuge.

Ping Zheng's artwork, straddling the line between figurative and abstract, functions as a metaphor for the energy and limitless possibilities erupting from artistic freedom and her passionate belief in equality. Her new paintings are an extension of the ideas she first explored in a series shown at the Nancy Margolis Gallery, which was also grounded in references to nature. Though Ping feels that she has become a “New Yorker” after a year of working in her Brooklyn studio, she remains fascinated by the many ways that nature informs the language of painting.

Program Notes
Opening Reception: June 8th, 2018, 6-8pm

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