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2018.2.14Celebrating Chinese New Year with Chun-Lian Making

As the Chinese New Year draws closer, households put up chun-lian: calligraphic works of auspicious poems on red paper to express an aspiration for renewal and happiness in the coming year. To celebrate the Chinese New York, the Chinese-American Arts Council (CAAC), the Chinese Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting Association, and the Chinese Music Ensemble of New York (CMENY) are holding the first-ever Chun-lian Giveaway! Paper cutting master Shu-Shia SANBORN and master calligrapher and painter Li-fu Zhang will be present providing complimentary chun-lian to the public. The Chinese Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting Association will moreover be holding tutorials on calligraphy and creating on-the-spot artwork incorporating names of visitors.

Artistic administrator Flavia Lin of the CMENY indicates that the driver of this event is to, on one hand, provide the Chinese-American community in New York with a chance to showcase the spirit of the traditional new year, but also to tie together non-profit organizations in New York to present and preserve traditional Chinese art forms. Alan Chow, chairman of the CAAC, further highlights that beyond promoting the holiday, this event is meant to raise awareness around chun-lian, an important Chinese traditional art form in its own right. The organizers encourage the public to bring their children along to see chun-lian being made and to develop an increased appreciation for Chinese culture and art.

Event detail--
Time: Feb 14, 2018 3-5pm
Location: 456 Gallery (456 Broadway, 3F, New York in SOHO)

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