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2018.6.24Gone With The Wind- A Chinese Opera Production
2018.5.19Nianbo Yu: Jinghu Concert
2018.4.28Yue Opera
2018.2.14Celebrating Chinese New Year with Chun-Lian Making
2017.11.2No Exit - A Production by CBGT
2017.8.13Peking Opera | The 17th Peking Opera Festival
2017.6.25Peking Opera | Empress Yang of Great Tang

The play is a full-length production of the Chinese traditional Peking opera. The story follows the epic tale of Tang dynasty (618-907), Emperor Tang Ming Huang and Empress Yang Yu Huan. An initial quarrel sent the Empress back to her chamber. Afterwards, both were so distraught that the Emperor became depressed and fell ill. July 7th is a traditional day to pray for loved ones reunite, the Empress went to a temple to pray. When the Emperor leart of this, he went to meet her at the temple. They reconciled and vowed to stay together for as long as they lived. Soon after, a war broke out. The generals of the palace demand that the Emperor sentence the Empress to death before they would go to the battlefield. The Emperor had no choice but to send his beloved lady to death at the Ma Hui Hill. They reunited in Heaven, where the Emperor and the Empress met and fell in love for the third time.

With Special guest Li Jun

Co-Sponsored by Chinese American Arts Council

Program Information:
June 25th 2017, 2PM
Michael Schimmel center for the Arts at Pace University
3 Spruce Street, New York


2017.5.27456 Forum | Performance Series
2017.5.7456 Forum | Performance Series