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June 8 - July 6, 2018
Artist: Soonae Tark
Location: Gallery 456
Exhibition Statement

I like to work with lines. It is an interesting element to play with. Last winter, while I was in a residency in Vermont the nature of the surroundings and the big wall in my studio intrigued me to work directly on the wall using tape. I lined up the forms of pentagon and hexagon to create a playful abstract form. I enjoyed playing with space, form and color. I worked all the way across the wall and over a window. I was very pleased with the result and wanted to develop further this body of work.

Back home, when I was passing by a wood store in Manhattan I encountered some discarded pieces of wood. I brought them to my studio to try and find a way to give them life again. Soon I was making the form of pentagons and hexagons on it with acrylic paint. Since it’s small pieces of wood, I like to gather them in a line to form pentagons and hexagons and to create a new form of mural work.

I have been working on canvas, wood, paper and Plexiglas. I enjoy exploring new materials and working with color and form, using rigid lines to playfully create three-dimensional effects on a flat surface. I like the challenge of making Art.

Opening Reception: Friday, June 8, 6-8 pm