Near and Far
July 12 - July 26, 2024
Gallery 456
Exhibition Statement

Near and Far presents two bodies of work that question perception and boundaries.

The colored pencil drawings depict scenes in nature that appear unnatural. Like Kudzu, a plant from Asia introduced to the U.S. in the late 19th century, what was once seen as beneficial can change to symbolize invasion. The landscapes are as familiar as they are alien, prompting the question of who belongs in this space. The red color contemplates violent reactions to the perpetual foreigner in past and recent history and how prevailing attitudes can shift quickly from admiration to fear. The fragility of mark-making in each drawing reflects back to us something about the enigma of our own nature and biases and how small notions fester into larger perceptions.

The paintings investigate the root of outsider sentiments and recontextualizes the past to address the present. The figures in the paintings, spanning three generations, fix their gaze upon a future that is neither assured nor known. Referencing personal and found family photos to glean who these people were, they left clues about their existence in their surroundings and demeanor; in their experiences and viewpoints; and in their collective sense of recognition and estrangement.