Dik Liu
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Artist Statement

I paint to replicate the excitements of seeing different colors and textures: flowers, fruits, glass, metal. I abbreviate the illusion of these into a few well-placed brush strokes. By doing that, I abridge the realism of light and space to its marrow. Thus, the realism in these paintings is most convincing when they are glanced at from afar.


Dik F. Liu is an artist who received his MFA from Yale University. He is widely represented in exhibitions throughout the U.S. As a teacher, Professor Liu has taught at The School of Cooper Union, Hofstra University and the School of Visual Arts, and is currently teaching at Pratt Institute, Parsons School of Design, and The New York Academy of Art. An avid writer, Professor Liu has written for Zing Magazine, among other publications.

Artist Web Site
Exhibition History at Gallery 456
2018Dik Liu: Still Lifes
Works & History
2012Eden Rock Gallery, Saint Barts, solo exhibition
2006Allen Sheppard Gallery, New York City, solo exhibition
2004Allen Sheppard Gallery, New York City, solo exhibition
2001Allen Sheppard Gallery, New York City, solo exhibition
1995Art Moving, New York City, solo exhibition