Outreach Activities
CAAC often co-sponsors performances or collaborates with other presenting organizations. We regularly serve as a liaison to the local Chinese-language/focused media outlets to promote artists and events. Please refer to About CAAC for more details.
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2021.1.15RESILIENCE!! A conversation on relief efforts, connecting Chinatowns across North America ....more
2019.11.6CAAC co-sponsors Lijun Zhou's Special Dance Performance Press Conference ....more
2019.10.15Artist Talk | In Conversation: Eleen Lin and Janusz Jaworski ....more

Tuesday, October 15, 6-8pm
Conversation begins at 6:30pm

456 Broadway, 3rd floor
(elevator available)

Please join us for a conversation between artist Eleen Lin and curator Janusz Jaworski about Lin's current exhibition Found in Translation.

The conversation takes place within Found in Translation, a solo exhibition of Lin's paintings and drawings inspired by Herman Melville's "Moby-Dick", and mistranslations in the Mandarin version. With stunning and often playful imagery, Lin's works allow viewers to discover many narratives within them - even if the viewers are not familiar with//the novel.

Lin's current body of work explores themes of cultural hybrids and diasporas, memory, sexuality, and the inadequacies of translations between cultures and eras.

Part of Chinatown Arts Week, this event is sponsored by Gallery 456 and Think!Chinatown.

More information about the exhibit: caacarts.org/dp/node/15?id=323
More information about Chinatown Arts Week: https://www.thinkchinatown.org/arts-week


2019.10.12Chinese Opera: CAAC co-sponsors Chinese Opera at Flushing Library ....more
2019.9.12019-2020 CAAC Workshops at Symphony Space ....more
2019.7.22Seminar at CAAC | LMCC 2019 MANHATTAN ARTS GRANTS DEADLINE 9/10 ....more
2019.7.6Ashley Liang Dance Company presents Flowing Colors of Charming Flowers ....more
2019.6.30Chinese Opera: CAAC co-sponsors Peking Opera "Hack Open The Coffin" & "Sitting In The Palace" at Flushing Town Hall ....more
2019.6.23Chinese Opera: CAAC co-sponsors Peking Opera "Empress Yang of Great Tang" at Pace University ....more
2019.4.27Chinese Opera: CAAC co-sponsors Yue Ju Opera Selection at Flushing Town Hall ....more
2019.4.22Film | Enter The Forbidden City by director Wu Mei premiers at the Theater of NYFA ....more
2019.2.15Film | Ash Is Purest White by Jia Zhang-Ke, press conference at CAAC ....more