Dances of the Inner Being
August 10 - August 24, 2018
Gallery 456
Exhibition Statement

Painting to me is a process of discovering, shaping and reshaping my inner being.

I work spontaneously—starting with a line or a dot, similar to Chinese calligraphy, from left or right. Then I let the drama begin to develop among the colors and lines under my subconscious control. I seek in my work the rhythm, harmony among conflicts, lines with energy and even surprise.

I chose to do abstract painting and it is still the best form of my expression.

The charm of abstract painting is that visually they are vague, uncertain, intuitive. The language utters energetic rhythm, subconscious cries and settle poems (none realistic things).

Opening Reception: Friday, August 10 2018, 6-8 pm
August 29, 2018, Chinyee Interview with Sinovision (青意訪談)
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