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Skyler Chen
Republic of Norman: Chapter One Imitation of Life

Sep 5 - Sep 30, 2008
Opening: Friday, September 5, 2008
6:00 - 8:00 pm

Artist Statement

Those before us adapted to changes in technologies by soundly rejecting or embracing them. As technology changed the world around them, they changed their approach to the world - cause and effect - one step at a time. But while technology grows exponentially, the human mind’s ability to process it cannot.

Now a generation of new thinkers are attempting to scale an increasingly steep mountain that appears to grow taller as we climb. Going back down is no longer a possibility. The ground can‘t compete with what we see now. But, continuing to work upward is confusing and even terrifying. This is new territory, yet we’re scaling a mountain with climbing gear made for a hill.

What is so daunting? Why aren’t we utilizing this once unimaginable panoramic view of the world we are suddenly afforded? Perhaps time hasn’t slowed enough to make a new game plan. Age old perceptions of family, monetary value, religion and self-worth are comforting to hold onto, but far less meaningful on our new playing field, sometimes even detrimental. Knowledge is now available to a new spectrum of the world without regard to the members-only policy enforced for so long. But everything has a price.

In the Republic of Norman that sacrifice may be the blurring of important messages and those that are useless. Millions of those messages compete for a piece of the real estate known as the human mind, once hungry for occupancy, now surging past sustainability. Are valuable revelations and relationships outshined by the barrage of new messages and associations now a part of daily life? Or is technology capable of creating new and vast spaces we’re afraid to utilize? In the Republic of Norman chapter 1 you can stop the surge of noise-- and judge for yourself.


Skyler Chen is finding success as a young multi media artist in New York. High spirited, active and productive, Skyler is known for his colorful,sentimental and inspirational work. Currently he is focusing on his "Republic of Norman" project, primarily on canvas. In addition, he is working on various freelance video productions, including on-line commercial projects.

Several Brooklyn and Manhattan galleries have commissioned some of Skyler's work to show during 2008, (doma cafe& gallery 03/18 -04/ 13 2008 , CAAC Gallery 456 New York, NY 9/5 to 9/30)

Skyler grew up in the Southern city of Kaoshiuong in Taiwan , where he graduated from art school and was the winner of several prestigious art contests. After his graduation he moved to the United States , where he spent time in Salt Lake City , Utah further developing his artistic skills.

In 2006 Skyler relocated to New York City, utilizing inspiration from the multi-faceted and multi-cultural environment the Big Apple offers. From his bright studio in Long Island City along the East River in Queens he creates new work almost every day which is posted on his popular blog (www.chenskyler.blogspot.com), and is attracting an ever increasing crowd of fans and followers.

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