Spending Time with Time
Szu-Wei Ho Solo Exhibition
November 20 - December 20, 2014
Gallery 456
Exhibition Statement

The exhibition title Spending Time with Time entails the importance of “time” in Szu-Wei Ho’s work. No matter it is the inspiration or the process of creation, time lets her work, lets the mind rest and rethink. She takes time to create the image, and let it accumulate slowly into the picture in mind.

Two series of work are shown in the exhibit. “The Islanders” is a series about Szu-Wei’s childhood memory, body, and identity. When she was little, her mom would take her to the hair salon across from school quite often. Everything she encountered over there intrigued her, and also lured her into believing hair is one vital element of female image. The memory of body, for her, resides in the sense of pain and vision. No matter it’s the braces which trapped her for years over childhood/teenage, or the overwhelming cramps during menstruation. Pain and relief take turns making marks in her body and mind, which later turns into images that are light and humorous.

The other series of work, “Blue Egg,” dates back to the residency program at Vermont. She spotted a Robbin’s egg on the grass while taking a stroll in the morning. The egg was empty, broken, wet with dew and blood. The bright blue-green color jumped out of space, while the feather-shaped blood vein still clinging in the shell. The journey of the blue egg therefore begins, with a festival celebration planned.

Intaglio and drawing are the main medium Szu-Wei use. Whether it is the acid biting into the copperplate or ink/lead accumulating on paper, they both represent the traces of time. By seeing and touching, she tries to feel the thickness of color and the movement of the whole picture.

Every time Szu-Wei looks back at her own work, she gets to learn more about her escape and coming back. Creating characters and placing them into different worlds is her way to deal with confrontation and a gateway for freedom. Stories are told, and hope the viewer could also find their own ones.

Extended until 12/23!

Nov 20 - Dec 20, 2014
Opening Reception: Nov 20th, 2014, 6-8 pm
Exhibition Sponsors
Pak-Hing Kan Arts Foundation
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