December 1 - December 14, 2006
Gallery 456
Exhibition Statement

I question things that are beyond my ability to hear, see, smell, taste and touch. I explore the relationship between the world and my being.

I am surrounded by things that I could see and feel, as well as things that I could not perceive. Sounds, colors and light are seen by human sensations as a result of pathways of frequencies. Frequencies are made from energy and information, and these are not detectable by our normal physical sensations. I wonder how they interact with my body and the environment.

Meditation is an inspiration for my works. it evokes a transcendental experience that allows me to take an inward journey through time and space beyond my physical body. Somehow, meditation gives me power; allowing me to explore the abstract, the divine, the mystical and the unknown. Through that power, I attempt to visualize the properties of the invisible waves, the sensation it creates, the movement and rhythm it transfers to my thought.

In ancient history, human beings have always use different devices to tap into the mystery of nature. In my works, I attempt to find the key to tap into the nature of ancient mysteries, to seek possible ways to enact obscurity into reality of imagination.

I want to find the connection between body, nature, myth and mysteries; to reveal a deeper meaning of life. Joseph Campbell says, 'Life has no meaning, we bring a meaning to life.' I seek this meaning to bring to life.

About the installation

From astrology, we know everything in the world that relate to and are effected by the movement of stars. The over-riding concept is people have internal clock and the clock is related to the universe. It then follows to ask are people related or controlled by the universe in more significant ways? Can we escape? Can we gain energy or power to control our destinies? Are we alone in the universe?

To pursue those question, I plan to construct an installation of a ceiling sky-chart using over 100's of LED light ball installed as same as the sky-watch of New York City.

I will set up reconnaissance equipments on the site that allow us to send a signal to contact outer space through our body, as well as the signal if someone respond. Causing the energy of the magnetic field to change while the transaction, we are able to see and listen the signal that we send out and received.

If alien received the information, will it respond in some way or perhaps appear........

Opening Reception
December 1 | 6:00 - 8:00 PM