The Suffering Eye
August 6 - August 27, 2010
Gallery 456
Exhibition Statement

My degree in Thanatology and my desire to use art to increase the awareness of death and dying inspired the creation of this exhibition. In this exhibition, I will use the power of art through its innate non-verbal communication to present the unspeakable subjects of grief and human suffering. This show is one of the many steps that I have taken towards my ultimate goal of opening an Art and Bereavement Resource Center in New York City which will assist bereaved persons and help them re-establish their own lives after their losses.

    “The Suffering Eye” came from a dream that I had during my Master’s program in Death and Dying which gave me insight about the meaning of grief and suffering. In this dream I saw an eye lodged in the throat of a crying pig, and I interpreted this particular “Eye” as opening through suffering, bringing increased wisdom to the individual’s life. I also use the word “Eye” to play against its homonym “I”, implying that the “ego” is the core cause of human suffering. According to Tibetan Buddhism teaching, subduing the ego is one of the main focuses that I am devoted to practice in my daily life.
    In this show, I use the combination of art mediums, such as sculpture, painting, collage, installations, as well as a piece of interactive collage that I intend to invite visitors to collaborate with me on. This will allow the viewers to feeling that they are not only coming to see the show, but also have the opportunity to participate in it.

    I strongly believe that knowledge and preparation should take place before a crisis strikes. Therefore, I will be giving out a handbook titled “The Little Life Book of the Holistic Life Concepts in NYC” as a resource book that contains useful information regarding end of life care and bereavement. Information will include what kind of legal documents are needed to prepare for oneself, information for the caretakers who are caring for someone who is terminally ill, bereavement support, as well as what kind of alternative services are available in New York City.

Opening Reception
6-8pm, Friday, August 6, 2010