Ceramic Exhibition by Pak-hing Kan
June 8 - August 15, 2011
Gallery 456
Exhibition Statement

The title of this exhibition is “ Disassembly”, which means I am going to take the pieces apart in order to show what is involved in the interior.

These 14 pieces of ceramic art were all created in the last two years. They are sculptured in box-form even though they do not look like a box, they can still function as one. They can be opened, closed, and contained. They also can be disassembled and assembled. The size is small and one can keep it in one’s palm to play with and view the intimate detail.

Clay provides flexibility and versatility. The glaze during firing is an exciting challenge in the process. It is like alchemy, using the five elements in nature to transform an earthy material into precious and brilliant objects. I created these boxes in a house form. The interior painting shows intimate family activity. What is within a box and in a home is equally important: it needs love.

I am grateful that I can make this exhibition. I have to thank a team of good doctors and nurses taking care of me to fight the deadly disease in the last 2 ½ years. In between treatments, I am able to go to my studio to do the thing I love the most. It is the best therapy for my spirit. In my studio, the pain and the side effects from the medication seem to all go away.

These 14 pieces, I can say, are the best results of my war with the sickness. Also, it brings me to a different direction toward life and creating art.

The exhibition has been extended to August 15.
“小”盒子“大”乾坤 甘柏馨456画廊陶艺展