Time After Time
Sung-Chih CHEN
June 4 - June 26, 2015
Gallery 456
Exhibition Statement

Sung-Chih Chen was born in Taiwan in 1978. Over the years, his works began with their concepts, and used the vocabulary of the materials themselves to present the emotional fragments often overlooked in life. The main presentation method is mixed media installation. He is adept at exploring the substantial character and aesthetics in order to consider the dual opposition and causal relationships between “daily life/art” and “construction/destruction.” In past creative work, he used daily life as the topic, blending in the narration of temporal events in the individual and society. These existing ordinary materials are rearranged by the creator, converting the original character unlike roughness and coldness, intricately injecting thick and complex psychological elements, and his works tend to have warmth and poetry.

“Time After Time - Sung-Chih Chen’s personal exhibition” showed the work “Untitled 2015” in response to Gallery 456’s invitation for a site specific installation in New York. The work continued the lingering depictions of time and traces in the work of Sung-Chih Chen; the coincidence of blooming flowers in the spring in New York elicited the artist’s curious observations for weak matters in the natural scenery. In the work, recycled printed sheets and plastic bags were molded to create a space with fallen blossoms to elicit entangled likes, dislikes, and refusals in the viewer. In this imaginative space gathered complex emotions, full of invalid and cheap materials in the world of consumption. The artist used the artistic event to continue the meaning of material existence, creating a mosaic of the disappearing marks of time from the collected fragments. An overview of the connected and remaining parts, the artist guides the viewer in a process of emptying meaning and using speed to convert emotional perception. Between form and meaning, it teases the viewer’s artistic philosophical thought about existing materials, the displays, and life. Flowers blooming and falling are normal phenomena of natural life and existence, “falling flowers (Time After Time)” are manifested in another value to re-evaluate the deep meaning of the rise and fall of life (substance).

Opening Reception: 6.4.2015 6-8pm
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