CAAC 40 Anniversary Show
October 30 - December 4, 2015
Curated by:
Shiou-Ping Liao Executer: Dawn
Gallery 456
Exhibition Statement

2015 is the 40th anniversary of Chinese American Art Council. To celebrate this meaningful moment, the Chinese American Art Council brings you the [CAAC 40 Anniversary Show]. Curated by Shiou ping Liao and Chen ping Dawn as the executor, [CAAC 40 Anniversary Show] invited 10 artists who had hosted exhibition with Chinese American Art Council in the past 4 decades. These 11 artists as the old friends of Chinese American Art Council, once again, show their brilliant talent and outstanding accomplishment in art.
Established 1975 in SOHO, Chinese American Art Council has become the incubator of Asian artists in the past 40 years. Nowadays, lots of emerging artists, art students, and art lovers often host exhibitions, forums in Chinese American Art Council, as well as exhibit their latest work and discuss about art. At this special moment, Chinese American Art Council would like to thank all the artists and sponsors. With your passion and participation, the Chinese American Art Council has the ability to promote the beauty of Chinese culture and help shaping a thriving art community in New York.

Reception: 11.05.2015, 6-8pm
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