Artists from EJ contemporary fine arts Museum
September 27 - October 4, 2016
Curated by:
Han Hsiang-Ning
Gallery 456
Exhibition Statement

EJ Contemporary Fine Arts Museum was founded in 2011, it was originally served as the artist Han Hsiang-Ning living quarter & studio while in Dali, China. Since then, many people had visited, in 2011 the studio was expanded to the art museum as seen today. The works on display are mostly consisted of the artist's works from his studio in New York, as well as his contemporary art collection. Confirmed appointment is necessary to visit the museum. Today, the museum has become a main attraction and study case for art admirers and artists from all over the country. Current chief curator Yang Lu, and the eldest daughter of Han Hsiang-Ning are so inspired by the Contemporary Art environment, they too started to create their works here. This current exhibition at Gallery 456 is a debut of their works from EJ in the United States, it can also be seen as a kind of Sino-US cultural exchange.

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