by Chunsoo Park
August 27 - September 23, 2004
Gallery 456
Exhibition Statement

I the beginning of my work, my mind usually flows around through all memories, ideas, imagination, and emotions. Then, I am absorbed in sort of vacant state of mind, from which I am given peace and calmness. I think it would be very much similar state of mind to what people pursue by meditation practice. I would like to enjoy the peace and tranquility in the process of my work and I also want to enjoy the experience of the vibrant, contemplative, clear state of mind in my paintings.

I make meditative abstract paintings using simple materials and intense labor. My materials are mainly watercolor and ink on paper. I prefer paper to any other support materials because of its softness. Susceptibility and subtle tonality. When I apply watercolor on paper, it turns out to be a beautiful, organic stain that has stark trim. The stain effect reveals watercolor's unique characteristics such as luminous transparency, delicate tonal values and organic watermark. Overlapping stain-like marks on grid composition takes me to labor, concentrated on just action of putting same mark without consideration. I usually go into the void state of mind with the painstakingly repeated labor. I would like to make viewers confronting my work perceive vibrant energy such as tiny leaves trembling in a slight war sprig breeze, gentle waves reflecting light, and the residing resonance in a string instrument.