Vestigial Future
February 17 - March 17, 2017
Curated by:
Bo Chun Hsiao
Gallery 456
Exhibition Statement

It is with uncertainty that we look inward and observe the most mysterious parts of ourselves; the physical vestiges of the humans we once were that serve as a reminder of our profound common ancestry. Something as animal as a tailbone and as menacing as an appendix are signs that we have always on a biological level aspired to adapt to our environment. In this current political climate we change our gaze to look outward at uncertainty, confront it, and wonder how we can better negotiate a landscape in flux and full of anxiety. Through diverse practices, the artists partaking in Vestigial Futures are choosing to respond to this zeitgeist through aggressive adaptation via imagined connections and psychic appendages. These supplemental parts manifest in object (and mixed media)-extensions that recognize a collective need to re-assess our bodies, and thus our agency, in the world. The sense of urgency that motivates this exhibition is magnified as we find ourselves increasingly disembodied, tethered to disposable electronic artifacts, carriers of our digital soul. Through creating contemporary artifacts these artists seek new ways of relating, gaining strength in connections as they break down social, political, and material hierarchies. We invite the audience to delve with us into the deep present in order to project our possible futures.
-Amanda Nedham

Opening Reception: Friday, February 17 2017, 6-9pm
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