Considerate Creations: Chameleons
Part I
March 17 - April 28, 2017
Curated by:
I-Hua Lee
Taipei Cultural Center of TECO in New York
Exhibition Statement

Curator became another title I hold besides artist and art administrator. Being both artist and art administrator inspired the concept of Considerate Creations, which is the first exhibition I curated at Taipei Artist Village, 2015. In Considerate Creations, I invited female artists that are both artist and art administrator, and the exhibition title is an implication of art administrators are the gentle operators behind the curtain. Considerate Creations generated a lot of feedback, since this “amphibious” lifestyle is very common among artists and the art world. Many artists naturally develop a more flexible type of career, since arts and culture sector covers a huge range of artistic practices, and selling artwork is no longer necessary in terms of art making. Cross–disciplinary practice is a common state, and contemporary artists are commonly acquired a diverse skillset. I categorized this group of art professionals, whose contribution cannot be overlooked, as “Chameleons artists”.

“Chameleons artist” is a global phenomenon in the art world, and it says a certain quality of this business. When administrators or other art professionals work as artists as well, everything involved in their job becomes equally fascinating as their art practices. They provide a novel viewpoint of various of issues, and the outcome is fluid and influential. Considerate Creations: Chameleons is a sequel of Considerate Creations, which expands the dialogue from Taiwan to New York, United States. And the first part of Considerate Creations: Chameleons will take place at Taiwan Academy in New York, as we invited three female artists live and work in New York. We will invite another three Taiwanese artists for the second part, which will be held at Gallery 456, New York. Besides discussing the many roles they have taken on, the exhibition is also related to issues like marital and parental relations.

Hu Nung-­‐Hsin currently works in the Artist Studio Residency Program and New New Yorkers Program at Queens Museum, New York; her practice strives to represent the relationship of inner self and the outside world. The experience of years of living in the multicultural New York city has transformed Hu’s work, especially working closely with local community. Her work was more about expressing the self-­‐reflection of living abroad and being independent. And gradually it transformed into a learning process and deep concern for different cultures and diversity. A various of administrative positions have expanded the way she sees her own practice. The audience can examine social roles with an interaction with Hu’s photography and video work, which she will be presenting in this exhibition. Wong Kit Yi (Ali Wong) works at Asia Art Archive (New York), and she is also a conceptual artist. Switching between two roles, she calls herself Wong Kit Yi when as an artist, and Ali Wong as an art administrator/curator; The self awareness of double identity weaves her works together. Artist/Interactive communication designer Chiu Yu-­‐Chen lives and works in New York. Her practice presents an urban perspective, and involves multilayers of narratives, with photography, video and interactive installation. Chiu investigates issues of living in a foreign environment, and elaborates the subtle state of an alienated familiarity. In this exhibition, she will showcase both artworks, and commercial works, the later is more collaborative, and includes interviews, editorials, and photography. It’s a reassessment of the distinction between fine art and applications around it.

These “Chameleons artists” take on multiple roles to make sure that they can secure the pursuit of their dreams. It’s a statement of dedication to art, and an expectation of considerate creations. We look forward to seeing this movement, and this group of artists bringing more insights and positive value into the art world and beyond.

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Opening and Artist Talk: Saturday, March 18, 2-4pm
Moderator: Franziska Lamprecht (eteam)
Viewing Hours: Monday–Friday 9:30am–5:30pm
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