What Really Defines Us? ...It's Complicated.
February 28 - March 27, 2020
Gallery 456
Exhibition Statement

The exhibition features recent works by women artists Patricia Cazorla, Nancy Saleme, and Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong. Through sculpture, installation and 2D works, the artists explore the complexities of racial identity and labor in the domestic realm within the Asian-American and Latin-American diaspora. These immigrant groups have greatly shaped the U.S. and are often the silent, “unseen” characters in the systems and institutions that support, feed and clean American homes.

As technology and social media grant us increasingly more access into our previously unsearchable pasts, DNA testing companies also bring us more questions than answers about who we really are. Our identity seems tied to where we live, where we grew up, where we call home. Yet ‘home’ is not a straight-forward concept, and often carries multiple meanings for us.


Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong is a New York-based artist and trained architect working at the boundary of art, architecture and social practice. Cheryl investigates the transformation of shared space over time, and seeks to challenge social and political boundaries through sculpture, installation, performance, and site-specific architectural interventions. Cheryl’s creative process is a crossover between digital drawing (using tools such as architectural drafting software and 3D modeling), visual experiments and the construction of spaces.

Patricia Cazorla is a Venezuelan-American visual artist. Over the course of her long career, she has worked with performance, video, sound, installation, traditional forms of painting, digital painting, drawing, and printmaking, with a recent focus in public art. Patricia holds a BA in Visual Arts, SUNY/Empire State College. She earned a Drawing and Painting Certificate at The Art Students League of New York; and an Interactive Media Certificate at Pratt Institute, and is as an adjunct assistant professor at Bronx Community College (CUNY).

Nancy Saleme is a Venezuelan artist living in New York City since 1995. Saleme has earned degrees from various schools around the world, such as the University of Fine Arts in Poland, the National School of Fine Arts of Peru, Cristóbal Rojas School of Visual Arts of Caracas, Venezuela, and The Arts Students League of New York. Her work has been included in prominent national and international venues such as Gallery Na Kashirke (Moscow, Russia), Arteamericas (Miami, FL), AAF Contemporary Art Fair NYC, Chicago Art Fair, Art London, Art Singapore with Artered Gallery NYC, Praxis International Art NYC, Gallery Shoshinkan (Nagano, Japan), Galería Club Empresarial (Lima,Peru).

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