An Afternoon of Peking Opera
November 1, 2009
Performed by:
Martin Luther King Jr. High School
2pm, Sunday

Wang Xi Feng in Red Chamber
Revealing The Secrete

Presented by Chinese American Arts Council and Tong Xiao Ling Chinese Opera Ensemble

For ticket information call 212-431-9740


This show runs over 2 hours, with the story unfolding rapidly and the relationships between the characters constantly evolving and changing. These characters include the womanizer, the naive/innocent, the pretentious, the fearful, the jealous, confused, the clueless, the powerful, and the powerless. It is tantamount to a Chinese Macbeth.

The opera is specifically based on one section of the 2000-page novel about Jia Lian, his wife, and his taboo love affair with his sister in-law Yoh Er. In lust, Jia Lian absconds his sister-in-law Yoh Er Jie to a secluded location and keeps her tucked away as his mistress. Once this terrible secret is discovered, Wang Xi Feng designs an intriguing plan to destroy the new relationship and satisfy her anger and hatred for Yoh Er Jie.

Winter's Eve at Lincoln Square
Peking Opera Revealing the Secrect/Wang Xi Feng in the Red Chamber