An Afternoon of Chinese Theater and Taiwanese Campus Folk Songs off Broadway
Presented by Dr. Hsing-Lih CHOU and Zhou Long-Chang
March 29, 2015
Performed by:
Time Square Arts Center - 777 Theatre
Performance starts: 3/29/2015 1:30pm
Press Conference: 3/23/2015 3pm

CAAC off Broadway!

CAAC will bring an afternoon of Taiwanese Folk Songs by Dr. Hsing-Lih Chou, and Beijing opera featuring Yue Qing-Yin & Zhou Long-Chang.
Dr. Hsing Lih Chou is one of the original pioneering composers of Campus Folk Songs, a new and revolutionary music style combining Taiwanese folk and country melodies which has been welcomed into the young student society since the 70s. Looking into the developing modernization in Taiwan, Campus Folk Songs can be recognized as the most successful new cultural achievement up to now. In this show Dr. Chou will perform a collection of his well-known campus folk songs. Through the lovely rhythm and refined lyrics Dr. Chou will take the audience back to the splendid era and rejoice the free spirit of “singing your own song.”
Also on the program is Beijing Opera classical “Song Jiang Murder - WuLong Mansion,” starring Yue Qin-Yin (Laosheng) and Zhou Long-Chang (Huadan). It tells a story of a lady Yan Poxi (Mr. Zhou) threatens her husband Song Jiang (Mr. Yue) with divorce after learning his relationship with the outlaws. After several fights Song Jiang eventually kills Yan Poxi in anger after she threatens to accuse him in court. He then escapes and becomes a fugitive.

About the Artists
Dr. Hsing Lih Chou
Born in Taiwan, Dr. Chou received his B.A. from National Chung-Hsing University and M.A., M.Ed., and Doctor of Education from Columbia University. He is recognized as a leading Taiwanese dialect and Chinese folk singer in America and has performed in many prestigious New York halls and festivals, including Alice Tully Hall and Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors Festival, Rubin Museum and Queens Museum. His annual Taiwan Songs benefit concert has become the most popular event in New York for Chinese senior citizens.
He is a professor at BMCC, City University of New York, Center for Ethnic Studies and specializes in Asian American History and Chinese Culture and Heritage. A former faculty member of Fordham University, Dr. Chou is considered a specialist in Chinese culture, Mandarin and international educational development.

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Program - Taiwanese Campus Folk Songs