An Afternoon of Chinese Theater
August 19, 2023
Performed by:
Flushing Town Hall

Jointly presented by Chinese American Arts Council and Flushing Town Hall, this performance includes renowned and popular Chinese opera plays, each with its own unique storyline, music, vocal performance, mime, and dance.

Artistic Director: Alan Chow is the founder and has been the executive director and artistic director of the Chinese American Arts Council. He has consistently furthered the understanding, appreciation and preservation of traditional Chinese performing arts as well as new forms involving contemporary influences.

Lead Actor: Tong Xiao Ling (Charlene Tong Shaw) began studying Beijing Opera at age six under the tutelage of her huadan master mother Tong Zhiling. Since graduating from Shanghai School of Theater in 1980, Tong has performed throughout the world and has recently focused on creating new productions and re-writing traditional productions. She is the President of Tong Xiao Ling Chinese Opera Ensemble, New York.