Guying Liang
Artist Statement

Guyin Liang is a famous Kunqu artist and a National Class One Performer. She was trained in the style of Zhang Chuanfang and Shen Chuanzhi, members of the “Chuan” generation of Kunqu master performers. With her sweet rich voice, Ms. Liang has a repertoire that includes a broad spectrum of roles and vivid personae in the dan (female) category -- such as the zhengdan (principal female), huadan (flirtatious female) and poladan (the shrew). She is known for her sensitive interpretations of her roles and the appealing charm of the shrew characters that she plays. She was a recipient of the Plum Blossom Award for Chinese Theatre, the Magnolia Award for Chinese Theatre in Shanghai, the Outstanding Achievements Award at the Shanghai Cultural and Arts Festival, and a Performance Award at the Shanghai Theatre Festival. She is acclaimed for her interpretations in The Lute, Yearning for the mundane World, and The Butterfly Dream.

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2009Kun Opera: The Butterfly Dream