Zhenhua Ji
Artist Statement

Zhenhua Ji is a famous Kunqu artist and a National Class One Performer specializing in laosheng (old male) roles. He was trained under Zheng Chuanjian and Ni Chuanyue, two artists of the renowned “Chuan” generation of Kunqu master performers. He was the winner of the Plum Blossom Award for Chinese Theatre, the Performing Award, the Showcase Award and the Commemorative Award at the Shanghai Theatre Festival and the Star Award at the Magnolia Award for Chinese Theatre in Shanghai. His repertoire includes excerpts from the traditional repertory such as Searching the Mountains and Stopping the Cart, Recovering from Blindness, and Sweeping under the Pine, as well as new productions such as The Illusory Dream, Cai Wenji, and Emperor Taizong of the Tang.

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Performance History with CAAC
2009Kun Opera: The Butterfly Dream