Outreach Activities
CAAC often co-sponsors performances or collaborates with other presenting organizations. We regularly serve as a liaison to the local Chinese-language/focused media outlets to promote artists and events. Please refer to About CAAC for more details.
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2022.10.14Gallery 456 | Exhibition Opening & Artist Talk | Furong Zhang: Crossing the Dry Sea ....more
2022.8.24Book | Turandot at the Arena by Hao Jiang Tian Press Conference at CAAC ....more
2022.8.1CAAC Co-hosts Grant Information Session | LMCC 2023 MANHATTAN ARTS GRANTS DEADLINE 9/13 ....more
2022.6.5Chinese Opera: CAAC co-sponsors Beijing Opera "The Matchmaker" at Flushing Town Hall ....more
2022.4.8Gallery 456 | Exhibition Opening & Artist Talk | Heart in My Mouth by Rachel Hsu ....more
2022.2.4Gallery 456 | Artist Talk | Muted Landscape by Guo Zhen ....more

Friday, February 4, 5-7PM
5:00PM Musical performance by cellist/composer Francesca Ter-Berg
5:30PM Artist Talk hosted by curator Kimberly Reinagel with virtual guest speakers art critic Robert C. Morgan, art historian Gail Levin, award-winning poet Mai Mang, and contemporary art researcher Fang Zhang joining via Zoom

456 Broadway, 3rd floor
(elevator available)

Please join us for Zhen Guo's Artist Talk at Gallery 456.

Artist Statement:

In recent years, my feminist art has turned to the concept of "mother" and its connection to women, men, and the world in general. There may be no daughters, sisters, or wives in our lives, but everyone has a mother, and “mother earth” is the giver and sustainer of all life. Mother and Earth are inextricably linked in tradition, philosophy, science, and our minds, just as they are in my art. Mother Earth and Human Mother (and all women) are surrounded by the destructive forces of our time.

“Muted Landscape” presents a vision of our planet that is both expansive and terrifying, a landscape as if viewed from miles high, defaced and stained by the gray color and the sheer height. Towering peaks merge with rivers, lakes, craters, and sheer walls, figurative but more abstract, losing their individual character and value. In reality, driven by population and industrial growth, unrestrained exploitation and pollution, our planet is riddled with holes and out of balance, disappearing in front of us without making a sound. Our Earth, the mother of all of us, silent as the pieces are dismembered and burned. So too, the mothers and women of this world, their bodies, their rights and their spirits, are constantly under attack. They are also told to "shut up" and their voices were muted so they can’t be heard.

About the Artist:

Zhen Guo was born in Shandong Province, China, and experienced the “Cultural Revolution” during her teen years. She graduated from the Chinese Painting Department of the China Academy of Art in 1982 and was hired there to teach in its Chinese Art Department.

Zhen Guo is one of the earliest explorers of ink art after the reform and opening up of China. She immigrated to the United States in 1986 and established Zhen Guo Art Studio in New York City in 1988. Guo has participated in many international art exhibitions and has long been committed to the research and exploration of contemporary feminist art.

Major auction houses such as Sotheby’s have repeatedly promoted her works. In recent years, Guo has curated and participated in: “Existence: International Women’s Art Exhibition” in Changsha, China; “Please Touch, Body Boundaries,” a large-scale exhibition at Mana Contemporary Art in the United States; “Asian Women Artists Exhibition”; at Jeonbuk Provincial Museum of Art, South Korea, and many more abroad and in the United States.

Zhen Guo now lives and works in New York City.

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