Joeun Atachim

2017 Master of Fine Art, Visual Art, Columbia University in the City of New York, NY, USA
2014 Bachelor of Fine Art, Studio Art, New York University, NY, USA
Selected Exhibitions
Curated by Rirkrit Tiravanija and Tomas Vu, the Neiman Center, NY, USA (Upcoming)
“Vestigial Future” Curated by Bochun Hsiao , Chinese American Arts Council | Gallery 456, NY, USA
2016 “ Trembling Surfaces ” Curated by Guo Xi , Zhaing Jianling, Long March Space , Beijing, China
“Bad Religion”, Curated by Akina Cox, Lyeberry HQ , Brooklyn NY, USA
“Finished Goods Warehouse”, Curated by Natalie Bell , Brooklyn, NY, USA
“Contemplation” DOOSAN Gallery, NY, USA (Three Person Show)
“Some Stuff (Not) to Look At”, Curated by Cheeyeon Park, Guastavino Room, St. Paul's Chapel, NY, USA
“The Gnome Show” Curated by Sara Stern, Stern Garden, NY, USA
“Break the Floor” Curated by Molly Lambe, Rabbit Hole Studio, Brooklyn, NY, USA
“In Response: Unorthodox” The Jewish Museum , NY, USA
2015 "Glory Bead," Curated by Cudelice Brazelton, M I N T-Collective , Columbus, OH, USA
"Remainder; Us for never forever for the first and the last month," Space Baptist, NY, USA
2014 "Souvenirs," 80 WSE Gallery Broadway Windows, NY, USA (Solo)
"Downstate/Upstate," Juried by Devraj Dakoji, The Ink Shop Printmaking Center, Ithaca, NY, USA
"1/One," Curated by Eileen Zyko Wolter, Manhattan Graphic Center, NY, USA
2013 "Poetics of Translation," the Kimmel Stoval Gallery, NY. USA
"Manhattan Graphic Center's 3rd Annual Juried Printmaking Show," Manhattan Graphic Center, NY
"Oro," The Commons and Rosenberg Gallery, New York University, NY, USA
"It Is Where A ( ) Goes When It Dies," The Rosenberg gallery, New York University, NY, USA
"Home," Visual AIDS, Ground Arts Project Space, NY, USA
“23rd Parkside National Small Print Exhibition,” Parkside Gallery of University Wisconsin,
Wisconsin, USA
"The 2nd SIPS,” Creative Center El Minia University, El Minia, Egypt
2011 “The Way of Life,” Ouchi Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Selected Screening / Performance
2016 “Aphonic V entriloquist/In Praise of Cry Breaks” DOOSAN Gallery , NY, USA
2016 “In Response: Unorthodox” The Jewish Museum, NY, USA
2015 Featu ring performance in Gravesend Attic (album) by Yi Xin Tong
2014 “ MTV: Momentum Technology Videos,” Institute for Women and Art, Rutgers University, NJ, USA
2013 " The Null," Cantor Film Center, NY, USA
2015 Nida Art Colony , Subdivision of the Vilnius Academy of Arts , Neringa, Lithuania
Publication / Bibliography / Talk
2017 “Critic’s Picks” text by He Xiao, Art Forum , China
2016 “StudioTalks: Jouen Aatchim and the poetics of installation” Interview by Stephanie Jin,
Columbia Spectator, NY
2015 “w/o Qualities” Interview and Online Exhibition at Girl Trip , Los Angeles (Online Publication)
2015 NIDA A-I-R Resident in July , Nida Art Colony, Subdivision of the Vilnius Academy of Arts , Lithuania