Lien-Chen Lin

With Social Work education background, I often think the artist as life maker, instead of image or object makers. I like to travel overseas, meet and work with local people, materials, and resources.

Lin was orn in Taiwan, politics divided, where the typhoon or earthquake can dismiss a village overnight. Before my academic art education, I studied social work and then worked for advertising agencies serving both commercial and non-profit organization.
I started my artist career in 1997, received an M.A. in Studio Art and Environmental Art from NYU in 1999. My artworks had been shown at non-profit galleries in New York City.
I had lived and worked in New York City for about 9 years. I left my job as media art director since November 2006 to develop my new project "between you and me" internationally. I currently travel from one artist residency to another around the world.

The world is full of objects. I have no intention to create more. My motivations in art practicing based on the thoughts that art processes as a capacity to embody consciousness. From site-specific installation to "non-sites"; drawings to video and sound tracks, I consider thinking is form, besides the lines, shapes and colors. My works interrogate not just aesthetic but social and cultural preconceptions.

Living in the fluctuating condition of the physical world, I often see the reality in fantasy, and the fantasy in reality. I like to extend the ability to perceive and experience myself experiencing the world in life. Through my art, I invite the audience redefine them selves and experience themselves experiencing.