Scenes from Childhood
8.20 - 9.10.2021

This series is titled “Scenes from Childhood”. My parents immigrated to the US from Taiwan, so growing up was composed of a mixture of East and West. It’s only as an adult that I’ve realized how wonderful and magical that is. For me, memory takes shape in small fragments of moving scenes veiled by what feels like a humid fog. At times, they are made of light and color, touch and smell. Other times, they are voices, things spoken, sounds. And other still, they are space and things. In the end, really what memory conjures is feeling and nostalgia. There are certain memories that stick out above the rest and those are the few that I have created here as objects. I am away from home now, and I have moments where I miss the heavy grey winters of New York and the blue silence when it snows. I miss my mom’s dumplings and my dad’s lamp light.