Outreach Activities
CAAC often co-sponsors performances or collaborates with other presenting organizations. We regularly serve as a liaison to the local Chinese-language/focused media outlets to promote artists and events. Please refer to About CAAC for more details.
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2019.2.15Film | Ash Is Purest White by Jia Zhang-Ke, press conference at CAAC ....more
2019.1.30Event |CAAC co-sponsors AABDC's event Celebrating 2019 THE YEAR OF THE PIG ....more
2018.11.17Chinese Opera: CAAC co-sponsors Yue Ju Opera at Flushing Town Hall ....more
2018.11.3Chinese Opera: CAAC co-sponsors Kunqu Opera at The Kaye Playhouse ....more
2018.9.12018-2019 CAAC workshops at Symphony Space ....more
2018.8.12Chinese Opera: Yu Lineage Concert, co-sponsored by CAAC at Flushing ....more

Program: 2018 Peking Opera Concert
Performing Date:8/12/18 2:00 pm
Venue: 136-57 37th Ave, Flushing, New York
Co-sponsored by Chinese American Arts Council

On August 12th, a Peking Opera Concert will be held at 136-57 37th Ave, Flushing, New York.

The Peking Opera Concert is a rare chance to witness a group of elite performers from the Yu Lineage of Peking opera. Yu lineage specializes in Lao-Sin Character of Peking opera, with almost hundred years of history and influence.

....additional press coverage

2018.8.5Chinese Opera: The 18th Peking Opera Festival at NYU Skirball Center ....more
2018.7.16Seminar at CAAC | LMCC 2019 MANHATTAN ARTS GRANTS DEADLINE 9/18 ....more
2018.6.24Peking Opera |Gone With The Wind - A Modern Chinese Opera ....more
2018.5.19Music Recital |Nianbo Yu: Jinghu Concert ....more
2018.4.28Yue Opera | CAAC co-presents Yue opera performance in Flushing, New York ....more
2018.2.14Folk Art |CAAC Celebrating Chinese New Year with Chun-Lian Making ....more