Hsien-Fa Su: Autumn Imprint of England
Western Vision for Oriental Poetic Mood
July 2 - July 22, 2010
Gallery 456
Exhibition Statement

“As an artistic creator, it is a necessary process to open up and unveil international vision”. Hsien-Fa Su also said, “On one hand, one can appreciate works of western artists, and also attempt to carry out test of exchange for another cultural endowments so as to see how the artistic circle of western world should evaluate the oriental as they make use of western media and materials to express western scenery”.

Hsien-Fa Su went to London in November, 2009, acting as visiting scholar at London Metropolitan University. Aside from using the painting studio the school prepared for him, he had spent most of his time touring among public and private museums and galleries. Accidentally, he discovered that, as an international metropolis, London demonstrated not merely the current artistic development of English arts, but had fully embraced artistic exchanges and exhibitions from all over the world. Most of all, sparkles are generated from exchanges taking London as the hub for European arts and New York for American arts, and it has well demonstrated some most unique and extraordinary charm of artistic creation.

During the stay in the UK, the freezing and rainy autumn climate made Hsien-Fa Su who is from a tropical island come up completely different observation and feeling for “Autumn”. From the autumn colors of London to the serene and tranquil lake scenery in Scotland, the solo painter on the tour had felt particularly peaceful sense of beauty.

Hsien-Fa Su has made use of the series of autumn leaves and water silhouette on “Autumn” as the theme for creation and compiled into “Autumn Imprint”. Of the theme for demonstration in New York, it is attempted to exploit the poetic mood of Oriental lyrical touch so that the atmosphere of quiet scenery of UK in late autumn can be brought to metropolitan New York in prime summer time, hoping to display layers of artistic vision and perception.