East Meets West
Rong-Bao Lu's Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition
April 12 - April 20, 2013
Exhibition Statement

Doctor Rong-Bao Lu: The Artist who creates poetic images

The exhibition contains 17 paintings and 6 calligraphies.

The works of Dr Lu are fascinating in content and reflective in composition, and aesthetic in coloring.

"No Desire Then Strong" is a controlled style of calligraphy. Four words depict his attitude towards every day existence. His creative poem shows his love of his own roots. Another piece of quotation from classical poem of Sung dynasty poet Su Dong-Po also shows his personal taste and belief.

"Observing Bamboo Looking Moon" , the person in the painting expresses the love of nature, and the atmosphere surrounding the space and time transcends the occasion in the painting. It is surreal in composition and real in object. A work like this is the creation deriving from the ancient Chinese traditional "Intellectual paintings". One can notice that Dr Lu as an artist has profound understanding of Chinese classics in literature and paintings.

The Tang Dynasty poem with the beauty of Tang dresses, with falling flower, with two birds, this is called "In Poem Having Vision, In Vision Having Poem". The idea brings rich imagination beyond the space of the painting, and there is no limitation of time.

"Moon Chilling" has small house with one window showing the silhouette of a figure with warm yellow indoor light, the moon and trees and the house and somebody inside show a familiar elements of American Painter Andrew Wythe.

"Cloud Fog Surround High Tree" is hung at the center by itself. The yellow leaves permeate through the sky and the body of trees are pale white and green mountain far reaching, such poetic layout speaks mixed feeling of nostalgia and subtle melancholy .

The works of Dr Lu implies the philosophy of harmony with existence, with life itself.

It is this kind of deep love of inner piece coming out of looking at Dr Lu's works.

One can not avoid to adore his art.

Written by John Bon-Tien Wu, NYU M.A. Art Critic and Collector

Opening Reception

6-8pm, Friday, April 12, 2013