A Spatial Event
November 7 - December 5, 2008
Gallery 456
Exhibition Statement

near and far

far and open

open yet finite

finite becoming endless...
God is not who they told you he is.

When you look at an ICON… who is God if there is no help from the painting behind it? What would you fill in the cut out area in the center of an ICON?

Why do we think the way we do? Is the image what it is supposed to be, or is it social conformity?

While intricate and decorative surroundings shape the vague negative silhouette of God, we can never truly see him. All the tedious details and glitter only illustrate the emptiness at the center and God fades away into it. Or is this God’s way of telling us to break away from trivial detail and see him for who he is?

SinoVision: A Spatial Event