A Celebration of Jenneth Webster
August 1, 2014
Performed by:
Programs starts at 4:30PM
CAAC's performance will take place at 5:15PM

Featuring: Mingus Dynasty; Taylor 2; Yoshiko Chuma & the School of Hard Knocks (with Robert Black); Elder Edward Babb of McCollough Sons of Thunder; Pauline Oliveros; Elaine Summers; The Skymusic Ensemble, Carman Moore, conductor; Imani Uzuri’s Mosaic with guests Morley, Haleh, and Martha Redbone; Ologundê; Brooklyn Jumbies; Chinese American Arts Council; Hungry March Band; LaTasha Natasha Nevada Diggs; and special guest speakers

Jenneth Webster, who served as Director of Community Programing at Lincoln Center for 28 years, passed away on April 10. Under her artistic leadership, Lincoln Center Out of Doors grew into one of New York’s and the country’s most significant outdoor multi-disciplinary festivals. She was tireless and indefatigable in her efforts and ideas for extending Lincoln Center’s community outreach, and was responsible for establishing the beloved La Casita program. From an early age she became aware of the importance of, in her own words, “the impact of living arts on people.” Over the decades, through Jenneth’s efforts, thousands of people and countless performers came together on Lincoln Center’s outdoor spaces to celebrate music, dance, spoken word, and community.

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A Celebration of Jenneth Webster at Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival