Jack Yu Hung Huang
Artist Statement

Jack Yu Hung Huang, 26th july 1970, was born in Taipei, Taiwan. A painter influenced by european and modern arts, which also as know as photagrapher. Since 1993, he began his education in New york city,School Of Visual Art B. A Fine Arts 1993 ~ 1997, School Of the Art Institute Of Chicago M.F.A Fine Arts.

He has 18 years of experience in oil painting, woodcutting, photo making and teaching. Excellent creative and photo developing skills, particularly in alternative school programs. Bilingual communications skills in Chinese and English. Personalized design and flexibility of working ability.

Jack Huang did many exbitions during his 20s and 30s,456 Gallery
Self portrait, 456 Broadway, NYC in 1995.Eastside Gallery Photo Show, 214 E. 21ST ST, NYC in 1996.Visual Art Gallery 1996. Oil painting,137 wooster St, NYC in 1997. Franklin ST Tribeca Art Walk 1997. G2 Gallery Oil painting, 847 W. Jackson, Chicago in 2000. Lincoln Center Cork Gallery Oil paintings and photos, NY in 2001. Image Of Taiwan Photo Show, Ameriasia Bank Gallery, NYC in 2004. Passport to Taiwan Out door Show, Union Square, NYC in 2004. 373 Broadway Oil painting in 2006.

Artist Web Site
Works & History
2009Gallery 456, NYC
2006373 Broadway, NYC
2004Ameriasia Bank Gallery, NYC
Passport to Taiwan Out door Show, NYC
2001Cork Gallery, NYC
2000G2 Gallery Oil painting, Chicago
1997Oil painting, 137 wooster St, NYC
Franklin ST Tribeca Art Walk, NYC
1996Eastside Gallery Photo Show, NYC
Visual Art Gallery, NYC
1995Self portrait, 456 Gallery, NYC