Jianxia Liu
Artist Statement

Jianxia liu, born Dec.4, 1972 in Ruzhou City, Henan Province, China

2011/7.7-9.3: Jianxia Liu solo Exhibition

of Modern Buddhist Art,New York,Mhanhattan DIB GALLERY

2011/5.21: Painting representing the Dunhuang style and content displayed by Mimi Gates during her Dunhuang Lecture in Columbia university

2011/5/6: Press review and presentation of a commissioned mural size oil paintin

“Dharma assembly of Medicine Buddha "

2010/12/30: Invitational Exhibition at Kew Gardens annual exhibition along with

renowned international artists Wuji Zhao, Yidang Wang and Feiyun Yang

2010/10/23: Original Work was exclusively recognized at a Manhattan showing

by former US President Clinton. He received the featured painting ‘Bodhi’' for his private collection.

2008/11/6: Asian Contemporary Art Fair, New York 2008.

2008/6/23: U.S. Red Cross Charity Exhibition

2008/5/20-27: Chinese Contemporary Artists Group Invitational Exhibition

(Asian Cultural Center)

2007/6: Korean-Chinese Exchange Exhibition (Seoul; South Korea)

2006/9: Beijing International Art Expo (Won Gold Prize for her work)

Exhibition History at Gallery 456
2011Non Abiding Mind