Yu-Wen Chiu
Artist Statement

For artist Yu-Wen Chiu, paper cutting is a means to express her emotions. Lighting, patterns, and rhythm weave an imaginative myth through the work, churning out stories about dreams, emotions, and perceptions of the world. By observing Chinese culture, traditions, beliefs and ceremonies, the artist recreates the experiences with the vitality of folk art and the raw power of a culture.
The action of “cutting” gives this piece a lifelike quality; this metamorphosis gives power to creativity, life, and fashion trends. Its floating, dream-like state thus encourages us to explore the world of mythology on a deeper level.

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Exhibition History at Gallery 456
2013Water Fairies
Works & History
2013"Water Fairies' Reproduction Project - Song of New York." Chinese American Arts Council, New York, USA.
2013"Water Fairies' Reproduction Project - Tree of Life." Very Fun Park - Contemporary Art Exhibition Taipei's East District, Taiwan.
「水姑娘的繁衍計畫—生命之樹」2013 粉樂町 台北東區當代藝術展
2012"Water Fairies' Reproduction Project - Blossom." Biennale Italia-China, Milan, Italy.
「水姑娘的繁衍計畫—綻」2012 義大利-中國藝術雙年展
2012"Water Fairies' Reproduction Project." Beijing International Design Week.
「水姑娘的繁衍計畫—紙的主張/迴流2」2012 北京國際設計週
2012"Water Fairies' Reproduction Project - Existence and Nothingness." Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing.
「水姑娘的繁衍計畫—存在與虛無」2012 北京當代藝術館
2012"Water Fairies' Reproduction Project - Woman's White Room." Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
2011(Installation) "Water Fairies' Reproduction Project." Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan.
2010(Award) Individual Fellowships, Asian Cultural Taiwan Foundation, for Study Abroad in Southeast Asia and Japan.
2010 亞洲文話化協會受獎人
2009"Water Fairies' Reproduction Project - Shenshui Water Palace." Stock 20, Taichung, Taiwan.
2009(Joint Exhibition) 水雲間 Fusion Folks - Contemporary Art Exhibition, Bopiliao Historic District, Taipei, Taiwan.
「水姑娘的繁衍計畫—水雲間」2009 剝皮寮混搭當代藝術
2009Installation for Issey Miyake Spring and Summer Fashion Show
2009 藝企合作 me ISSEY MIYAKE 春夏服裝秀場裝置
2008"Water Fairies' Reproduction Project - Metamorphosis." Suho Paper Memorial Museum.
2008"Water Fairies' Reproduction Project - Water Fairies Come Down to Earth." Sanxia Art Festival-Nomadism
"Water Fairies' Reproduction Project - Lyrics to the Sky." Tamsui Xiao Bai Gong, Taiwan.
2007"Water Fairies' Reproduction Project." Da-I Art Festival, Taiwan.
「水姑娘的繁衍計畫」2007 大隘藝術節,新竹
2007"Water Fairies' Reproduction Project." Emerging Artists, Being 3 Gallery, Beijing.
「水姑娘的繁衍計畫」2007 新銳藝術家聯展,在3畫廊,北京