James Wang
Artist Statement

James Wang
    Born on March 1, 1960
    currently lives and works in New York City
1990    M-13 Gallery, New York City
1988    M-13 Gallery, New York City
1985    Ted Greenwald Gallery, New York City
2012    “Sideshow Nation”, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, New York
1987    Soho Center for Visual Arts, New York City
1986    “Asian Artists from Brooklyn”, Brooklyn Museum, New York City
    Curated by Martha Burgess
1985    “8 Artists 8 Years SVA”, Visual Arts Gallery, New York City
    Curated by Jeanne Siegle
1984    “Luxe Calme et Volupte”, One Penn Plaza, New York City
    Curated by John Yau
    “Two Painters”, Ted Greenwald Gallery, New York City
1983    “New Talent” Visual Arts Gallery, New York City
    Curated by Jeanne Siegle
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1987    Duncan, Walter William; BRONX COLLEGE MONTHLY, New York City
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1983    B.F.A., School of Visual Arts, New York City

Exhibition History at Gallery 456
2014James Wang
Works & History
2011James Wang            Oil on Canvas 2011
Title: Caribbean        71”W x 59 1/2”H
2010James Wang            Oil on Canvas 2010
Title: Ducts            38”W x 58”H
2009James Wang            Oil on Canvas 2009
Title: Tiers        72”W x 66”H
2008James Wang            Oil on Canvas 2008
Title: Spouts        55”W x 65”H
2007James Wang            Oil on Canvas 2007
Title: Spring        66”W x 72”H
2006James Wang            Oil on Canvas 2006
Title: Bog            58”H x 38”W
2005James Wang            Oil on Canvas 2005
Title: Two Tiers        65”W x 55”H
2004James Wang            Oil on Canvas 2004
Title: Dance            58”W x 64”H
2004James Wang            Mix Media on Paper 2004
Title: Untitled            38”W x 58”H
2003James Wang            Mix Media on Paper 2003
Title: Untitled            38”W x 58”H