Chung Chak
Artist Statement

With training as a graphic designer, my creative work focuses on how visual semiotics delivers abstract information through image based communication. As an immigrant from Hong Kong, my work consistently examines how human beings interact with their surroundings. I find my inspiration through history, cultural clash, gender expectation, religion, and other cultural issues. My complex, sometimes even fragmented photomontage attempts to give adequate freedom for open interpretation. I want my imagery to function as visual poetry and to create a sense of timelessness, unusual psychological impacts and to trigger a dialogue from the abstract imagery to the minds of the audience.

Artist Web Site
Exhibition History at Gallery 456
2016Looking for Gold Mountain
Works & History
2015Bamboo City, Guangzhou, China, 42"x42", Archival Digital Print,
2015Building a Civilized World, Guangzhou, China, 42"x42", Archival Digital Print
2015Behind the wall, Guangzhou, China, 42"x42", Archival Digital Print