Tao Xian
Artist Statement

Tao Xian works in paintings, photo transfers, videos and installations. They are are often process based, using both analog and digital technologies to reinterpret photographic images. In her recent painting series, she uses a scanner as a means to create near-abstract compositions in which she draws attention to the optical vibrant light and empty space that the scanner produces when the scanning process has been interfered with. She's interested in the idea of memory as an archive particularly in the digital era, as well as the sense of alienation we all experience with respect to images, how they affect us while also creating distances. She wishes to create spaces of critical thinking, by using images that connect to memory traces, to reflect the idea of seeing, recalling and distancing.

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Demo Video
Works & History
2016The Unseen, Fukiage Museum of Art, Okayama, Japan
I Can Because You Do, PARTICIPANT INC, New York, US
2015Process:Concept, Industry City, New York, US
2014“Threshold”, 25 East Gallery, New York, US