Chunsoo Park
Artist Statement

I believe that I am obsessed with the fundamental elements of life, whether biological, geological, or astronomical. I see water and oil as two of life's most important physical foundations, and light as a representation of the spiritual and mental components. These three elements create organic life and make mysterious illusions in my artwork. As a way of exploring the unknown in every life, water, oil and light have become my subject and my medium.

Water, as an element, lacks both form and color, yet it has the flexibility to adopt both. Conceptually, water represents the origin of all organic matter in nature, humanity, and cosmos. Understanding the transparency of water has led me to explore other possibilities of expressing elusive form, such as transforming the paper by painting translucent marks with oil. Partner to water, oil symbolizes what keeps life moving and lubricated; it is another material essential to every moving life. In my paintings, the oil literally creates transparent parts her and there in the paper. Subsequent marks of pencil drawn into the oily splotches transform the image even ore, adding another layer of subtle richness. The final element is the light behind the painting. Illuminating the work from within, the backlight gives further illusion, mystery, and life to the transparent objects in the painting. It provides breath and spirit to marks made with oil and water. Light is itself life and the most powerful factor of life.

I really enjoy experimenting, sometimes just playing, with water, oil, and light. The materials have consistently given me inspiration and motivation for my painting. I am going to continue my exploration of life's mysterious, unknown, and unrevealed phenomena as I continue my experimentation with limited, traditional materials. By creating transparent intricacies with pencil and lighting them from behind, I discovered for the first time that the work truly came alive. In a way that I had not experienced before. I was no longer just making art, I was making life. I want to share this experience with my viewers, and I hope they will similarly ponder about creation.

Exhibition History at Gallery 456
Works & History
2003New York Area MFA Exhibition, Hunter College Gallery, NYC