Ting Zhou
Artist Statement

Ting Zhou is a graphic artist and photographer who was born and raised in Southern China. She received her B.A. in Art Education in China and an M.F.A in Visual Communication Design from School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

The inspiration behind my work often comes from my childhood memories, from food and from my daughter. As an immigrant from China, I have tried to explain some ancient Chinese thoughts of Chinese philosophy, such as Samsara in Buddhism and Yin-yang in Taoism via my photography and artist books. I also have a profound love for capturing the beauty of individuals, human connection, real life moments and the uninhibited spirit of children. I would like to create artwork that extends beyond the imagination, and also reflects unexpected philosophical feelings.

Artist Web Site
Exhibition History at Gallery 456
2017Dawn: Exhibition of Seven Artists
Works & History

2016 Arena gallery, Storrs, CT U.S.
2013 Her Life, Chicago, U.S.
2013 SAIC MFA Show, Chicago, U.S.
2013 Baby, Baby, the Irish Centre Shanghai, Shanghai, China
2011 Evanston Custer Street Exhibition, Evanston, Illinois
2010 Paper Links, SiNordic Arts Space, Beijing, China
2010 Irish Dimensions, Yi Gallery, Beijing, China
2010 Convergence, Guanyingtang Public Arts Space Beijing, China
2009 Intimate Histories, Nunnery Gallery – Bow Arts Trust, London, UK
2009 Our Books, Our Lives, SiNordic Arts Space, Beijing, China
2009 CITY, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China