Patrick Fabian Panetta
Artist Statement

Partition wall, scaffolding, trestles, tabletop, painting, artist´s portfolio

In 2013, the Galerie Andrae Kaufmann decided to present conceptual artist Patrick Fabian Panetta at the art berlin contemporary. However, the artist decided to offer the solo show intended for him for resale. The Hamburg painter Christine Zieron was awarded the presentation through an announcement in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. With the intention of making the art fair the actual production location of his work, Panetta had the components of Zieron's work stored at his expense. One year later, the Daimler Art Collection acquired the artistic concept. However, what was collected was not just the idea or photographic documentation, but rather – according to the artist’s request – the complete booth presentation, consisting of the art fair wall, table, and a painting by Christine Zieron. The art fair walls had to be adjusted to the spatial circumstances for the presentation. In the Daimler Contemporary, the ceiling is not high enough, so the art fair wall can only be presented tilted. Thus, Panetta not only turned upside down the rules that usually govern art fairs, he also took the requirements for collection and presentation of his concept to the limits of absurdity. “For me, a structure is more the end than the beginning of art. PP: "My questions aim to expose patterns of activity - that is, the reasons for the structure.” (Text by C. Ganzenberg)

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curated by Renate Wiehager and Christian Ganzenberg
DAC, Daimler Art Collection, Berlin