Ping Zheng
Artist Statement

Born in China, I grew up in a traditional patriarchal family under the restriction of the government's one-child policy. I lived in many different geographic regions, where I was surrounded by starkly contrasting natural environments. As an artist, my inspiration is grounded in childhood memories of natural landscapes, where I felt free as a human in the outdoors, avoiding family pressures: as a girl in a restricted traditional Chinese family, everything you do at home is wrong and nothing belongs to you, not even a shred of your thought or your emotion, therefore nature was my refuge.

Since I studied abroad in London and the United States, however, has triggered an awareness of gender equality as the very heart of human rights that shapes my world. I became aware of many contributions of women in the West. I began to express feminism to my artistic practice.

My artwork, straddling the line between figurative and abstract, functions as metaphor for the energy and limitless possibilities erupting from artistic freedom and my passionate belief in equality. It is as wide as the desire to expand my horizons, and through my awe-inspiring the nature has always evoked my childhood's memories of natural landscapes and gave me a renewed sense of self-discovery. It comes a growing opportunity to express my point of view as an artist.

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Exhibition History at Gallery 456
2018Ping Zheng
Works & History
2017Nancy Margolis Gallery, New York, NY, “Drea Cofield & Ping Zheng”
2017 The Manhattan Art and Antiques Center, New York, NY “Contemporary Art Exhibition”
2017Asian Youth Leadership Organization, New York, NY “Art Exhibition of Asian Contemporary Artists”