C. C. Wang
Artist Statement

C.C. Wang a.k.a. Wang Ji-Qian was born in Suchou in 1907, he came from a distinguished family of scholar-officials and is a number of the last generation to receive a traditional artistic education, [copying] the works of his teachers and the masterpieces in their private collections.

In the 20th century, artists who still practice this ancient art have faced a most difficult task, not only of reviving this art after centuries of slumber but of making it relevant in this [modern time]. Wang confronts this dilemma as well. He excelled himself from the conservative, Chinese traditional artistic tradition. He traveled to America to view the works of the Western masters, especially the post-Impressionists, and in 1949 settled in New York City.
Since that time he has gathered the world's most important private collection of Chinese painting and achieved an unsurpassed reputation in authenticating traditional works.
He has viewed the great Western museum collections and studied at the Art Student league, absorbing western influence and creating a uniquely successful blend of Oriental, Western and personal styles. His efforts [have] made himself play a role as a bridge between traditional Chinese painting and Twentieth century art.

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Works & History
Exhibited his first one-man show at the Warren E. Cox Gallery, New York, New York.
Exhibited in "The New Chinese Landscape: Six Contemporary Chinese Artists", which circulated throughout the United States, under the auspices of the American Federation of Arts, New York, New York.
Solo exhibition: M.H. de Young Memorial Museum, San Francisco, California.
Appointed Lifetime Fellow of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, New York.
Published first book "Mountains of the Mind: The Landscape Paintings of Wang Chi-Ch'ien" (John Weatherhill, Inc., New York and Tokyo) with Professor James Cahill's introducation.
Retrospective exhibition, Los Angeles County Museum, Los Angeles, California.
Exhibited at "Chinese Painting at Mid-Century", sponsored by the Renaissance Society, University of Chicago.
Solo exhibitions: China Institute of America, New York, New York; Honolulu Academy of Arts, Honolulu, Hawaii; Fresno College, Fresno, California; Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, Indiana.
Solo exhibitions: Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts; The New Gallery, Schacht Fine Arts Center at Russell Sage College, Troy, New York; Chinese Culture Center, New York, New York; New Paltz State University, New Paltz, New York
Elected "benefactor" and permanent member of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, New York
Solo exhibition: Columbia University, New York, New York
Solo exhibitions: Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, Illinois; Chinese Culture Foundation, Scan Francisco, California
Retrospective exhibition, The Brooklyn Museum, New York, sponsored by the Arthur M. Sackler Foundation, Washington, D.C., and the international Exhibition Foundation, Washington, DC, A catalogue, The Landscape of C. C. Wang: Mountains of the Mind was published to complement the exhibition. The exhibition traveled to many cities throughout the United States
Exhibited in "Paintings and Calligraphy by Wu Hufan and His Disciples of Meiying Studio", Shanghai, China.
Solo exhibition: Hugh Moss Gallery, London, England.
Solo exhibitions: Hong Kong Arts Centre, Sponsored By the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong; National Museum of History, Taipei, Taiwan.
Participated in the show "Masterpieces of two Chinese Artists" with the artist Wang Fangyu at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan.
Solo exhibition: Hong Kong Art Centre, Hong Kong
Exhibited in "The Mountain Retreat: Landscape in Modern Chines Painting", Aspen Art Museum, Aspen, Colorado and Emily Lowe Gallery, Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York.
Solo exhibition: Birmingham Museum of Art, Birmingham, Alabama.
Retrospective exhibition, "Mind Landscape: The Paintings of C. C. Wang", organized by the Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington. The Exhibition traveled to the Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas; the Chinese Culture Center, San Francisco, California; the China Institute in America, New York, New York.
Exhibited in "Six Twentieth Century Chinese Artists", from the collection of Murray Smith, at the Los Angeles Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California.
Exhibited at Liaoning Museum at Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China.
Solo exhibition: Sponsored by Lo Shan Tang, Hong Kong.
Solo exhibition of Calligraphy: Gallery 456, New York, New York.
Solo exhibition of Calligraphy: L. J. Wender Gallery, New York, New York
Exhibited in "Not Knowing: Affinities in Eastern and Western Art", Gallery Schlesinger, New York
Solo exhibitions: Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan; National Tsing Hua University Art Center, Hsin-Chu, Taiwan; Pristine Harmony Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan.
Solo exhibition of Landscapes and calligraphy with accompanying catalogue, "C.C. Wang: Landscape and calligraphic images", Plum Blossoms Gallery, Hong Kong and Singapore.
Exhibition "The C.C. Wang Family Collection of Fantastic Rocks" E&J Frankel Ltd., New York, New York.
Solo exhibition of painting and calligraphy "C.C. Wang: old Master, New Ideas" at E&J Frankel Ltd., New York, New York.
Participated in the group show "Art of Ink in America" at Gallery Korea, New York, New York.
Exhibited at Elizabeth wang Gallery, New York, New York.
Exhibited at "Living Master's Recent Painting by C.C. Wang", Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, California.
Exhibition "C.C. Wang at Ninety", Kaikodo Gallery, New York, New York.
Participated in the group show "Asian Traditions, Modern Expressions: Asian American Artists and Abstraction 1945-1970" at Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, the State University of New Jersey, Rutgers, New Jersey.
Due to his active participation in Chinese painting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the museum honored him by dedicating a room named "C.C. Wang Family Gallery" within its Chinese Painting Gallery.
Exhibited with Sing F. Ma at "The Collection of Painting and Calligraphy by the american Artists C.C. Wang & Ma Singfoon" at Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China. the museum also published the catalog under the same name. A congratulatory letter from President & Mrs. Clinton sent to the opening ceremony of the exhibition in Hong kong.
Published the catalog for the exhibition "C.C. Wang & Sing F. Ma Art Works" at Grand Peking Gallery, Hong Kong.
Exhibition "The Master & Pupil Exhibit of C.C. Wang & Ma Singfoon for Charity" held at the City Hall, Hong Kong, sponsored by Sheen Hok Charitable Foundation.
Participated the exhibition "A Century in Crisis: Modernity and Tradition in the Art of Twentieth- Century china" at the Soho Guggenheim Museum, New York, New York.
Exhibition "The Artist as Collector: Masterpieces of Chinese Painting from C.C. Wang Family Collection" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, New York.
Co-exhibited modern works with Wucius Wang in "Calligraphy and Beyond" at the Plum Blossoms Gallery in Hong Kong and Singapore.
Group exhibition "Madame Chiang Sung Meiling with Other Masters for the Year of 2000" at the Wolrd Journal Art Gallery, Whitestone, New York.
Exhibition in Ethan Cohen Fine Arts Gallery in New York, New York.
Group show "Big Apple Chinese" with other Chinese artists, Kaikodo Gallery, New York, New York.