Timothy Hsieh
Artist Statement

Timothy Hsieh is an emerging artist in the fine ceramic art community in New York. Taking inspiration from his heritage and relevant current affairs, Timothy marries his passion for personal stories, community-driven interactions and the celebration of life to create colorful, energetic yet functional pieces.

Hsieh's love of the earth and humanity subtly reflects the philosophy of Zen. He pours his personality and creativity into his art which has led to viewers who enjoy the positive imagination in his work. The respected art collector Mr. Moto Tsugiyama is among the collectors who personally enjoy Hsieh's work. Mr. Tsugiyama has stated, “Mr. Hsieh’s tea bowl always brings me a very silent peace. His amazing smoke grey and light green and brown color is striking and of the utmost beauty.”

Born in New York, Timothy is a first generation Chinese American. He graduated with honors from Syracuse University, earning a degree in Advertising Design. His talent was evident and recognized from a young age from which he always knew he’d pursue a life in the arts.

His achievements include being the Creative Designer for all promotional materials for Flushing Town Hall’s most popular benefit concerts, “Taiwan Songs” and “ Fragrance of the Moon Night” in New York City for 18 years. He has also been commissioned to design covers for albums and a series of books for Dr. Hsing-Lih Chou, a visionary in the New York Chinese community and pioneer of a new genre of music, Campus Folk Songs.