Sid and Geri
Artist Statement

How much meaning can be compressed and expressed in a short clip? Our works are mostly video-based, all of the videos are around five minutes or less, with some of the shorter videos at around 30 second. We use animation and multi-media sliced and quickly edited with roughly made special effects, image collage with dramatic voice over. We find the beauty in the ordinary while eccentric relationship between human, capturing it with a sense of humor. Sometimes leaving one with more questions than answers.

About the Artist:

Sid and Geri is an art group established in 2017 in Taiwan. The group collaborates with different types of people around different cultures. By deploying various mediums through video, animation, multi-media as well as space installation, their works show a unique sense of humor to express "the patterns around people", reflecting the daily living experience, providing a fantasy-like narrative, using visual and sound stimulation to show the absurd, frantic, and meaningless appearance of this era.

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Works & History
2022Group Exhibition, Companions in misfortunes, LA Artcore,Los Angeles, United States
2022Group Exhibition, 菜市囡仔, Art Gallery Opaltimes,Osaka,Japan
聯展, 「菜市囡仔」, Art Gallery Opaltimes,大阪,日本
2022Group Exhibition, Genesis Opening Exhibition - The Birth of a New Era,KEW,Taipei,Taiwan
聯展, 「 《叢》創世紀開幕展-新世代的誕生」,叢,台北,台灣
2021Group Exhibtion, South Sour Water / Performance and Visual Art Festival,Waley Art, Taipei,Taiwan
2021Group Exhibition, Tai Thai Boba Milktea Wave Wave,Taipei Digital Art Center,Taipei,Taiwan
2021Solo Exhibition, Mysterious Romantic, Atelier Bois Beijing,Beijing,China
個展「 神秘羅曼史」,Atelier Bois Beijing博藝欣空間,北京,中國
2021Group Exhibition, 16th Digital Art Festival Taipei - Borderless Shelter,Online Exhibition, Taipei,Taiwan
聯展, 「第16屆臺北數位藝術節 -無邊庇護所 」,線上展區,台北,台灣
2020Solo Exhibition, Sid and Geri aka. hot pork,Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab,Taipei, Taiwan
個展 “ pot",台灣當代文化實驗場,台北,台灣
2018畢業于紐約視覺藝術學院 School of Visual Arts (SVA),當代藝術學系Fine Arts 碩士MFA
2018Solo Exhibition, MS.Walter’s Trouble Mind,AMPM Space, Taipei,Taiwan
個展「 華特女士的煩惱」,AMPM Space,台北,台灣
2017Solo Exhibition, Change is purple,liáu liáu Art Space,Taipei,Taiwan
個展「 改變是紫色的」,了了空間,台北,台灣