Frank Sheng-Feng Yeh
Artist Statement

All of the works of Frank Sheng-Feng Yeh are concerned with the exploration of the relationships among Nature, the Universe, and Human condition. By abandoning an object form and following the principle of nature, and pursuing the descriptions of its substance, then returning to the exploration of Chinese culture and philosophy, Frank have achieved his creative source of art – Void. He thinks that the void is the base of any thing, and through the nature’s process, the void generates the existence, and need time to constitution

Time has become his central subject since 2001. He has been exploring the relationship between the nature and human behavior, and to understand the evolution from the philosophy to practices. In the middle of 2003, he started to work on the first series about time- Memory. Frank sees “Memory” as the base of human behavior. He said: “Everything from void to existence needs time to experience. For human, Time is life and an experience of memory. I think that all of human behaviors is to accumulate one self’s memory, and then enjoy It.” In the works, he mentioned “the horizontal lines are the movement of time. As an electrocardiogram or a seismogram, time can be drawn as a forward horizontal line. As forward light which scientists use to measure the distance, straight light expresses a distance and time. . I used many Section columns to connect the frame. Like a movie, I want the audience to feel the different section columns as a different period of memory. A period can be long or short, far or close, and forgetful or remindful.”

Basically, there are 5 elements in Frank’s works – Vertical lines, Horizontal lines, Section columns, Empty space, and Broken-ink marks. Empty space is a very important element in the concept of Chinese painting. It always has more important meanings and philosophic ideas then the existent objects. In his work, it is not only his creative source but also an unlimited space which people can still put the memory into it or want to erase. Without the spaces, the works will be far from the people rather than close. He keeps the mat texture and uneven surface because he wants his works closer to the audience not only just a painting on a wall.

“Finally, after the meditative experience, I want that ones can integrate with my works.”-Frank said.

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Exhibition History at Gallery 456
2008The Memory
Works & History
2005Furniture Designer, Foremost Groups, Inc. New Jersey, NJ
Pratt Show 2005 New York, NY
2004Solo Exhibition, “Void. Space. Time. Memory” New York, NY
Open Studio Exhibition New York, NY
Professor Assistantship, Fine Art Department, Pratt Institute, New York, NY
1999The Auditorium Design Project of R.O.C Army Taipei, Taiwan
1998The New Generation Art and Design Exhibition Taipei, Taiwan
The Grand Observation Printmaking Exhibition Taipei, Taiwan